Interlegis Commemorates 10 Years of Achievements

This year Interlegis Program is commemorating 10 years of success.

The Federal Senate convened a special session to celebrate the event and named Interlegis Auditorium after the former President of the Senate, Senator Antonio Carlos Magalhães. During his first mandate, Mr. Magalhães welcomed the idea of the program creation and had an important role in securing the approval  by IDB – the Inter American Development Bank to the loan necessary for its implementation.  Interlegis had been created with funds granted by the Federal Senate alone, and the new financing allowed for the expansion of the program, ensuring access to the remotest municipal councils in the country.

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Duty fulfilled

Over four thousand municipal councils have adhered to the Interlegis program, thus totaling 63% of all Brazilian municipal councils; of these, 3.5 thousand have been supplied with electronic equipment.

Interlegis has supplied multiuse halls of the state’s legislative assemblies with video conference software and equipment, personal computers and printers; municipal councils were also provided with personal computers and printers.

Thus, Interlegis National Network (RNI) was created, allowing for Web conferencing and online meetings by connecting the Federal Senate, the House of Representatives, the Federal Audit Court, the Federal District Legislative Assembly and State Assemblies.

Several products and services were provided by the program with the purpose of helping the work of both the city and state legislature and of the administrative staff of the legislative houses.  All systems supplied by Interlegis are free software, thus allowing for its compatibility and adequacy to the needs of each legislative house.

A standard web portal has been provided; thus all legislative houses have their internet address and bring more transparency with regard to legislative work.


The first Secretary of the Federal Senate, Mr. Efraim Morais (DEM-PB) is the Interlegis Program national director. The Program has been developed through a partnership between the Federal Senate and IDB-The Inter-American Development Bank since 1997, in order to update and connect Brazilian legislative houses.  In 2005, the program was made a Special Secretariat within the Federal Senate.

Interlegis has been created as a facilitator of the integration and modernization process of Brazilian legislative power, at the federal, state and local levels, with the purpose to improve communication and data flow among legislators, increase efficiency and competence of the legislative houses, and promote citizens’ participation in the legislative process.

In order to achieve this goal, Interlegis uses Internet, distance learning, and multi-point videoconferencing systems, interconnecting 26 Legislative Assemblies, the Federal District Assembly, the Federal Audit Court, and Interlegis.

All a citizen has to do, in order to be aware of what is being debated in any legislative house, is to access Interlegis portal on the web:  The page is updated daily with relevant news about Brazilian states and municipalities.

Now, after 10 years of experience and success, Interlegis focuses on strengthening the transfer process by means of direct action within the legislative assemblies, by adopting an implementation model, which includes technology, information, communication, and education, adapted to each individual reality and unified in a single package to be put to use by all municipal assemblies.

Translated from Portuguese by Maria Isabel Taveira
Translation Service of Brazil’s Federal Senate

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